The origins of Valentine’s Day are definitely weird. Should it be February 15th? Or what it is today- February 14th? Why does Valentine’s Day exist in the first place? But the biggest questions of them all- why February? Is it to complement the Super Bowl? Have a huge party for the Super Bowl, and a week or so later and you have Valentine’s Day where you can have some good holiday candy. "But, Ethan!" You protest. "The Super Bowl came into existence after Valentine’s Day did!" And you’d be right.

So this brings us back to the main question. What day does Valentine’s Day fall on? If you’re an Ancient Roman, you’d probably say February 15th. But, I’m going to assume here you are not. So, that puts it on February 14th. Now we answer the question, why does Valentine’s Day exist in the first place? Deeply religious readers out there might already know this, but: it’s to celebrate several Christian martyrs named Valentine.

Finally, the main event. Why February? There are many backstories, and one funny one: that it was bird mating season. This is most likely not a real reason for Valentine’s Day, so here’s where I think it comes from: the Ancient Romans executed two people on February 14th, but on different years. Their lives were later honored by the Church, in the creation of St. Valentine’s Day. That doesn’t explain the love part, which I believe comes from Englishmen courting to find a wife. They gave flowers and other confections, like we still do today.