BETHESDA — Fire Chief Neil Hunt presented Bethesda Village Council with the year-end report for the fire department at its meeting Jan. 17. Hunt said there were 915 called responded to in 2018. He informed council that there are some issues with the Ladder Truck.

Jay Van Horn said the fire committee met with Hunt and the fire department and discussed the 30-year old ladder truck that we have and the issues with rust that we have. Van Horn said the fire department would like councils permission to begin the process of looking for a new or used ladder truck to replace the one that we have now. Hunt said the current truck was purchased in 2006 and that if we look at buying a new unit we might be able to get $30,000 out of it. Van  Horn said with purchasing a new unit we would get 30 years out of it as opposed to who knows how long with a used unit. Mayor Martin Lucas asked how long of a time frame it would take. Hunt said  it could take as much as a year to decide what we want to purchase and another year if we have one built. Jay Van Horn made a motion to authorize the fire department to explore various options to replace our ladder truck, seconded by Ruth Saffell. Motion passed.

Van Horn presented an application for Mark Fitzgerald to be an EMT and Jay made a motion to approve the application pending a background check, seconded by Chuck Little. Motion passed. Hunt informed everyone that if the company that builds the fire trucks offers a tour of the factory, he would invite council and the administration to go check it out. He informed council that the cadet program has started back up. Van Horn informed everyone that the fire department are always looking for new members.

Mayor Lucas asked for a motion to advertise for the position of part time police chief. Jordan Castello made a motion to advertise for the position, seconded by Carol Merritt. Motion passed.

Administrator Dirk Davis gave council the monthly administrators report. The topics included:

1. Davis said the lift station pump had to have propellers reordered. He said Josh torched the gear box shaft because he didn't know and the shaft will need to be reordered and we hope that it gets fixed by February.

2. Our class 2 sewer operator John Bates, who is an independent contractor, is going to retire. Davis said he offered Bates $2,000 per month to stay through August. Davis said he received a quote of $1,290 per week from Quality Environmental. Bates has agreed to work for $2,000 per month until Aug. 1, 2019. Davis said this will give Josh and Dave more time to get their sewer licenses. Ruth Saffell made a motion to approve the increase to $2,000 per month for John Bates, seconded by Cindy Foose. Motion passed. Davis said Bates does a great job.

3. Davis gave a contract to Solicitor Jeffrey Menoski for the snow plowing for the Methodist Church. The contract states $100 per snow plowing and $40 for salt application. Davis said the village streets will be cared for first. Davis asked council to look over the contract and we will decide next month.

4. Davis said the annual reports would be ready at the next meeting.

5. The community room as a leak in the front of the building. The estimate to fix this is $4,180 and the better material quote is $5,060 to fix the leaks and the front of the building. Davis asked council to review the estimates.

6. Dave and Josh are working towards getting their class 2 sewer license. Davis said we pay John $1,200 per month for part time. Davis said if they get their licenses that the money we pay John, that half would be diverted to Dave when he gets his license and the other half put back for sewer plant repairs. Van Horn asked what it Josh gets his license. Davis said he didn't think that would happen but they would split the money between them. Davis said he is planning on Josh being Dave's replacement down the road. Davis said Josh's training is going to cost around $1,500. Chuck Little made a motion to increase the training from $1,000 that was already approved to $1,500, seconded by Jay Van Horn. Motion passed. 

7. Davis said he is working with the Aaron Pennington from the EPA to have our sewer plant mandatory hours cut from 20 to 10 hours per week.

Fiscal Officer Burkhead presented council with the 2019 Annual Appropriations, the budgets and the certificate of estimated resources that need approved and sent to the county auditor. Jordan Castello made a motion to approve all of these, seconded by Ruth Saffell. Motion passed. Burkhead said soon the paving and bridge projects will be starting. We have received an ODNR grant for the bridges and Jeff has reviewed the agreement. The park board meeting on Feb. 11 at 5:30 p.m. if anyone wants to attend. Davis said Dan Carpenter is coming to the meeting to discuss monument ideas for the donors.

Solicitor Menoski presented resolution 2019-1 which is the grant agreement with ODNR for the park bridge replacement project. He reviewed the agreement and he stated that it looks good. Chuck Little made a motion to approve Resolution 2019-1 seconded by Ruth Saffell. Motion passed.

Cindy Foose thanked Rick and Chuck for being patient and explaining the budgets and finances to her at the finance meeting.

Chuck Little commended Josh Williamson for doing such a good job.

Jordan Castello nominated Chuck Little to be this year's council president, second nomination by Jay Van Horn. Motion passed.

Mayor Lucas asked for a recreation committee meeting on Feb. 11 at 6:30 p.m. to discuss Easter.

The next meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 28 at 7:30 p.m.