BELMONT — Fiscal Officer Rick Burkhead informed council that he was working on getting year end finished up and the budgets and appropriations finished. He asked council if they wished to have a meeting prior to Jan. 20 or to just have him email them to council and then send to the auditors for review. Council agreed to let Burkhead email them the appropriations and to send them to the county auditor. He asked council to respond to him if they see any changes or concerns.

Mayor Stanley Sobel appointed Seraina Wise to the webmaster position for $150 per month. Dan Scott made a motion to approve the appointment, seconded by Lorie Grob. Motion passed. 

Solicitor TJ Schultz presented Ordinance 2018-10 which is the gym rental policy update for the third and final reading. Shaun Bruce made a motion to approve Ordinance 2018-10, seconded by Cathy Caretti. Motion passed. Schultz presented Housekeeping Ordinance 2019-1 which is the wage rates for 2019. Lorie Grob stated that the street crew were given $0.50 per hour, Fire Chief increase $75 per month. EMT employees increased $1 per hours. Solicitor increased $225 per month. Fiscal Officer increased $200 per month, and Water Clerk increased $0.75 per hour. Burkhead said some of these are the first changes in over three years. Grant Williams made a motion to suspend the rules, seconded by Shaun Bruce. Motion passed. Bev Yoe made a motion to approve Ordinance 2019-1, seconded by Cathy Caretti. Motion passed.

Schultz presented Ordinance 2019-2 which replaces ordinance 339.02 of the traffic code and brings fines for violations from a third degree misdemeanor to an unspecified misdemeanor with a maximum fine of $500 and cites them into mayor's court. Lorie Grob made a motion to suspend the rules, seconded by Cathy Caretti. Motion passed. Lorie Grob made a motion to approve Ordinance 2019-2, seconded by Dan Scott. Motion passed.

Schultz informed council that the state has passed a house bill 312 that sets requirements for the credit card use. He said he has made an amendment ordinance that brings us into compliance. Ordinance 2019-3 amends ordinance 2016-8. IT establishes limits and users for the accounts, sets receipt requirement, eliminates the use of debit cards, sets up a process for adding and removing cards, and states that we need a compliance officer. Lorie Grob made a motion to suspend the rules, seconded by Cathy Caretti. Motion passed.

Schultz said we have division orders from Gulfport for a couple cemetery plots that the village owns. Bev Yoe made a motion to permit the mayor to sign the orders, seconded by Dan Scott. Motion passed. 

Kaye Hall said there were 3 fire calls, 26 quad calls of which 16 were billable, and 8 transports. Hall said there were 67 fire calls and 199 squad calls in 2018. Kaye stated that the fire department received the new cot and it is in service. Hall said 911 are getting new pagers for the entire county and those should be received by the end of January. Hall said she put in for two more grants for the fire department for a new dump tank and one for fire retardant clothing.

Water Board President informed council that we produced 82 percent of our water this last month. Kenny Davis said the tank is up and running. We had some minor water line leaks this last month. Davis said all but one person who was delinquent has paid. Davis said on next month's billing, we will be including the ordinance and a letter explaining the new water structure. Dan Scott asked if the water infiltration into the sewer system has been fixed. Kenny stated that we still have some infiltration but the major issue was fixed.

Mayor Sobel informed council that there was one citation last month, which was the evening of the Christmas tree lighting. Mayor Sobel informed everyone that pickle ball is held in the Belmont Gym on Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday evenings. Mayor Sobel said there has been as many as 14 people playing and ages range from 60-84. Mayor Sobel said the group is going to look for grants to expand their efforts further. Mayor encouraged all to come out and play.

Mayor Sobel presented council with their committee assignments which are mostly the same as last year. Lorie Grob made a motion to approve the committees, seconded by Dan Scott. Motion passed.

Mayor Sobel said the our OPWC Grant has been resubmitted for the small governments round. We were told that the grant is 6 points to the good as to what was approved in last year's round. Mayor Sobel addressed the pot holes on the stated routes through town. Mayor Sobel sent pictures to Belomar to show them the destruction of the state route. Mayor Sobel stated that a small community like ours cannot afford to maintain the stated highway with the resources we have and the amount of damage being done by all of the large trucks. Mayor Sobel stated that ODOT has went above and beyond trying to help us but neither of us have unlimited funds available to keep patching. Mayor Sobel stated that one estimated to patch the big area of potholes was $7,200. Mayor Sobel said the state has a 2.2 billion dollar rainy day fund and they need to start helping small communities deal with situations like what we are dealing with. Mayor Sobel stated that Gas and Oil traffic is destroying our streets, and it is not just in Belmont, it's all over the county. Mayor Sobel stated that they are driving through roads and tearing down utility poles and signage. Mayor Sobel asked everyone to speak up and not remain silent to try to get a resolution to this.

Mayor Sobel said we received a donation from George Thatch for the fire department. We received $1,070 in donations for breakfast with Santa. We received a donation to the cemetery from James Lewis. We received a $1,000 donation from the Perkin's for the cemetery fund. Ed Tacosik donated signage for the oil and gas traffic. Mayor Sobel stated that we all appreciate these generous donations.

The next meeting will be Thursday, Feb. 7 at 7 p.m.