Have any of you been hit in the head by a plastic pellet traveling 350 feet per second? Yeah, I assumed no one would raise their hands for this oddly specific circumstance. Welcome to the world of the sport called airsoft, where you take replica firearms that shoot plastic, spherical pellets called BBs. It’s quite similar to paintball, but has the benefit of not staining your clothes and having a larger assortment of customization. I personally partake in this, and let me tell you the ropes.

Airsoft started in the mid 1980s, when BB gun manufacturers learned that kids were using their products to have play fights. Airsoft was an alternative to getting an eye shot out by a metal BB, but I’m not trying to say that there aren’t safety precautions. In modern day airsoft, players use goggles and face masks to protect themselves from losing an eye or a tooth. Many fields dedicated to this sport are open nowadays, with the nearest one being Ohio Valley Airsoft in Bellaire.

The rules are simple, you raise your hand when you’re hit by a BB and yell, "Hit!" Once you’re out, go back to your team’s spawn, which is an area where opposing players are not allowed. The sport has many variations of play, such as capture the flag or even types of tag. All in all, the sport has diverse styles of play and is quite fun. You never know, maybe I’ll see some of you out there playing after I write this?