Everyone has those mornings, the mornings when you can’t get out of your warm bed to face the harsh cold. Most of those mornings get the best of us and we sleep in. Here are some hacks for when you hit snooze too many times.

Puffy Eyes

Everyone wakes up with those stubborn under eye bags. Many remedies can help. You can use metal spoons that you’ve stored in the fridge, or a easier tool is ice cubes. Rub the ice cubes/spoons in a circular motion under your eyes to lessen the puffiness. You can follow up with a concealer a couple of shades lighter than your skin to brighten up your skin and make you look so much younger.

Sleep Lines

These temporary wrinkles appear when your skin gets folded for a long period of time. So, each time you pass out on your bed while smashing your face into the pillow, get prepared for some crease lines on your face. To reduce these lines, do some jumping jacks to get the blood flowing to the dents. This should be followed by a moisturizer which puts some water into your skin to pump it up temporarily.

Dirty Hair

Slept in when you planned to shower? No one wants to go out with greasy hair, so use dry shampoo! It’s a quick way to get rid of that grease.

Dull Skin

Stick to only the essentials while running late. Stick to the items that illuminate your skin. Things like blush, concealer, highlighter, and mascara all help accentuate your natural features while giving life to dull skin.