1.Gavin Carpenter- Work out more

2.Faith Frazier- Eat healthy

3.Jordyn Strous- Eat healthy

4.Logan Shepard- Work out more

5.Haven Williams- Do better in school


1.Rylee Stephens- Be happy

2.Morgan Winters- Start going to the gym

3.Cameron Woods- Do well in sports

4.Caeddon Yager- Be more active

5.Brady Wildes- Eat healthy


1.Alex Meade- Do better in sports

2.Uryan Meade- Do well in baseball

3.Jared Kernen- Lift more

4.Riley Tubaugh- Eat better

5.Caden Lake- Be a better person


1.Kyleigh McGee- Be a better person

2.Kalie Grear- Go to the gym

3.Dylan Glotfelty- Eat healthy

4.Cade Hannahs- Do better in school

5.Tyler Willison- Stay healthy