BETHESDA — Mayor Martin Lucas announced at the Nov. 29 Bethesda Village Council meeting that an agreement of resignation was received by Eric Smith, effective Oct 19 and was facilitated by the village's insurance carrier.

Jordan Castello made a motion to accept Smith's resignation seconded by Ruth Saffell. Motion passed.

Mayor Lucas said he was notified by Union TWP fiscal attorney and was told that Bethesda's Police department is no longer needed for police coverage. Mayor Lucas said due to this Bethesda will not be working at Union Local because they do not have jurisdiction in the township. Mayor Lucas said Bethesda will still participate in mutual aid if anyone in the county needs assistance. Mayor Lucas said they are going to work hard to restructure the police department and have a department that will take care of the Village of Bethesda. Mayor Lucas said they will eventually select a new police chief.

Mayor Lucas asked the finance committee to meet. Clerk Rick Burkhead said they have a meeting Monday providing he is over his cold. Mayor Lucas stated that a property on East Spring Street has serious property maintenance issues. Mayor Lucas said a two -ton dump truck came and removed two trailers full of garbage. Mayor Lucas said there are two other properties that are having similar issues. Mayor Lucas said they are going to be more diligent in dealing with issues such as this.

Administrator Dirk Davis gave council the monthly administrators report. The topics included:

* Josh twisted his back getting out of the backhoe and had three pinched disks and should be back next week.

* Greg Williams is wanting to wait until the ground is frozen to clean up the creek by State Route 147.

* The engineering agreement for Johnson Road water line installation has signed and mailed back.

* EQT did not start the paving due to the weather and they are going to do some small patching and Davis suggested that they wait to actually pave until spring.

* There are pumps for the lift station and the disposal plant that are still in the shop being worked on.

* The roll top desk has been delivered to Marvin Dalton and we will finish paying for it once it is finished.

* Gail Avenue had 15 pot holes on it that were filled by the public works crew. Dirk stated that this street needs to be the first street to be paved once we get the funds. Dirk stated that we can't apply for grants for this street due to it being a dead end street.

* Davis asked council to consider looking at new Christmas lights for the street poles. He said the lights are very old and have been in operation for many years. He said they spend a good bit of money on the upkeep.

* The yearly agreement with RCAP for their GIS mapping updates has been signed and paid. Dirk stated that having this is a huge benefit to the town as we can locate lines much easier.

* The American Legion is having a toy drive from Nov. 1 through Dec. 15 and the toy box is at the Dollar General in Morristown.

* A semi truck came from Belmont Direction and tried to turn towards Morristown and they destroyed a few signs and the curb. Davis this is the fourth time this has happened.

* Tom Friend repaired his sidewalk in front of his house at a cost of $2,041.50 and Davis offered him the villages contribution of $300 as they have done in the past. Friend told Davis that it was very generous and that when they receives it he would like to donate it to the Park Board to help with the walking trail.

Meanwhile, Fiscal Officer Burkhead asked council the approve the transfer of $21,217.09 from General Fund to the Fire Fund for the Gun Bash proceeds. Chuck Little made a motion to approve the transfer, seconded by Jordan Castello. Motion passed. Burkhead asked for a motion to approve the transfer of $3,000.00 from the General Fund to the Police Fund for Mayor's Court Revenues for October and November. Castello made a motion to approve the transfer, seconded by Ruth Saffell. Motion passed.

Solicitor Jeff Menoski said he spoke to the attorney for the United Methodist Church Conference and they asked for a packet that documents what work the village has done on the dam over the years. He said once they receive that, the discussions will continue.

Jordan Castello made a motion to go into executive session to discuss personnel and litigation, at 7:45 p.m., seconded by Ruth Saffell. Motion passed. At 8:39 p.m. Mayor Lucas declared executive session over.

Officer Pete Busak informed council that there were 32 citation, three in Goshen TWP and nine in Union TWP. Pete stated that there were 13 warnings issued and 40 complaints responded to. Busak said the 2012 Charger is completely fixed with exception of the radar unit. Busak said he talked to EQT about purchasing new body cameras and a modern vehicle camera system for the police department. Pete stated that EQT has generously donated $7,000 to help pay for this new equipment. He said the system has five cameras with each including a body camera. Busak said he is working on getting the cars ready to issue citations in the care rather than issuing manual tickets.

Jay Van Horn presented an application for Seth Anderson for fire and EMT. Chuck Little made a motion to approve the application pending a background check, seconded by Jordan Castello. Motion passed.