BELMONT — Solicitor TJ Schultz presented at the Belmont Village Council meeting Dec. 6 the third reading for Ordinance 2018-9 which is the new water and sewer rate ordinance that will take effect for the Jan. 1 billing. Bev Yoe made a motion to declare tonight the third and final reading for Ordinance 2018-9 and to approve it, seconded by Lorie Grob. Motion passed.

Solicitor Schultz presented Ordinance 2018-10 which is the gym rental policy for the second reading. Lorie Grob made a motion to declare tonight the second reading for Ordinance 2018-10, seconded by Cathy Caretti. Motion passed. 

Mayor Stanley Sobel said they have had an abundance of large trucks going through people's yards, and tearing up the roads and sidewalks. Mayor Sobel stated that a substantial amount of damage has been done to the roads and to resident's properties. Council discussed all of the various occurrences. Mayor Sobel said they do not have a 24-hour police department do it is hard to catch all of these drives. Ed Tacosik said they can't stop the trucks from using the State Route but they still have to abide by the laws. Tacosik said he would be whiling to help the village put some very blunt signs up so that people may stop going the wrong way on Bridge Street. Kenny Davis suggested that we have the state do a traffic study and see if they have any ideas on what can be done with all of the damage from these large trucks. Schultz provided council with the current ordinance pertaining to the use of village streets and alleys by commercial vehicles. Schultz said they can make changes to this ordinance to suit Belmont and see if that helps the situation. Council discussed the state routes and who is responsible for the repairs. Mayor Sobel said the village receives a small amount of money to maintain the state routes, but the money we receive isn't large enough to continually repair this damage. Solicitor Schultz recommended that the street committee meet and rehash the commercial traffic ordinance and move forwards.

Mayor Sobel said the paving grant was rejected but they are going to redo the grant application and submit if for the small governments round of OPWC. Mayor Sobel said OMEGA is going to help them with that and it will be due in January.

Kaye Hall said there were 8 fire calls and 19 squad calls of which 11 were billable and there were 9 transports. She said the fire department applied for and received a grant for $14,950 for an extractible washer. It is used to take smoke and bad things out of turnout gear and fire equipment. Hall said she applied for an was awarded a grant for the fire department to purchase a new power cot for $10,000. Hall said the fire department received a grant from the Smith Goshen Group in the amount of $9,000 to pay the remaining balance for the power cot. Ed Tacosik said Hall spends a lot of time on grants for Belmont.

Kenny Davis said they purchased 52 percent of the Belmont's water from the county. He said the water tank project is complete and it took about a week longer than expected. He said they have had a couple water breaks and we installed two new water taps.

Mayor Sobel asked council that they wish to do with the older police vehicle. Council discussed this and wants to see if the vehicle is mechanically sound.

Mayor Sobel said they received a couple donations for the cemetery. One from Belmont Mills and one from an individual. These donations go towards the upkeep of the cemetery. Mayor Sobel said they have over $300 worth of donations for breakfast with Santa. He said the cemetery is always in need of donations to help with the upkeep of the grounds.

PK Wilkinson informed council that there was one burial last month and no plot sales. He said in the future they need to get bids for the spring mowing. Mayor Sobel said they will be accepting bids to mow and weed eat very soon.

Bev Yoe said the one the corner of Bridge and Brown Streets, someone was burning leaves and that the person was on council when the ordinance was passed that declared no burning within village limits. Bev stated that the person was confronted and he put the fire out and then raked the leaves into the street.