The original Frosty the Snowman is the only real Frosty show. The second one is rushed, badly animated, an insecure plot, and not to mention that Frosty has completely changed for the worse. His mannerisms aren’t the same, and his voice actor isn’t the same either (though this is excusable). While John Goodman voices Frosty well, nothing beats the original.

The original lives in the hearts of generations as a great Christmastime TV movie, while Returns is just a cash grab. The plot of the original is relatable. A man wants his stolen hat back. Though I don’t personally wear hats that often, a piece of stolen clothing is still a piece of stolen clothing (even if it does bring sentient life). The plot of Returns is a sick, twisted, senile man trying to take over a small town with a spray can.

We can say the original Frosty is better just as a matter of opinion, and now we can say it as a matter of fact. Better plot, better cast, and better animation. Hopefully we can get a all-female reboot of the franchise here in 2018. Maybe we can use Frosty’s wife from Frosty’s Winter Wonderland?