I was sitting in class, debating to myself. I wondered, "Which holiday is better- Thanksgiving, or Christmas?" I thought about each side of the argument- Christmas has a bigger background and a lot more people celebrate it, while Thanksgiving is less religious -if hardly religious at all- and can still manage to bring families together for a good time.

I decided to weigh my options: base my discussion purely on opinion by taking a small poll in my homeroom class, or find the numbers on which groups and ethnicities celebrated each holiday in some form. I decided that I would take a small poll.

The poll was a simple question- "Which holiday is better?" Some knew straight away that Christmas was the obvious answer. Others were more conflicted, thinking of the benefits of each holiday. While the overwhelming majority agreed on Christmas being the superior holiday (nine voted Christmas), some outliers decided Thanksgiving was better (three voters chose Thanksgiving) and an even smaller number couldn’t decide (one single voter). While I would side with the Christmas-loving voters, I can understand both sides to the argument. My main reason for preferring Christmas is this: the buildup and excitement as a child isn’t anywhere near the excitement towards Thanksgiving. Children don’t sit at home thinking about getting a visit from a turkey, or write letters to turkeys asking for a new bike. I remember getting excited each year for Christmastime (as I still do), for the food and the presents and the snow and songs, much more so than Thanksgiving. While I agree both are great holidays, I personally believe that Christmas is far better. All in all, we see that even in a small class like mine, Christmas is deemed superior to Thanksgiving. My one question is, would that number change if Thanksgiving involved exchanging gifts?