Evan’s Take: First, I’d like to acknowledge that being an MVP in the NBA does not make you the best player in the league but it shows you are a great player and contribute the most to your team. If the NBA MVP award was based on the best player in the league, Lebron James would’ve won the award for almost every year he has been in the league. I do think, however, this year’s MVP will be Giannis Antetokounmpo. Giannis entered the league in 2013 from Greece and is just now hitting his prime. His nickname is "The Greek Freak" due to his undeniable athleticism. He’s a 6’11 small forward which already makes him a powerhouse. Giannis is the Milwaukee Bucks playmaker and he also handles the ball a lot as well. Although the Bucks had an early exit in the playoffs last year to the Celtics, they took the Celtics to seven games which is impressive considering the Celtics were a finals hopeful and a Eastern Conference finalist. Antetokounmpo averaged 26.9 points per game and 10 rebounds a game along with 4.8 assists and a little over a block and a steal. He was an all-star last year and he is a rising superstar in the NBA. The Bucks are currently 2nd in the eastern conference but will hope to build on Giannis as he returns from injury.

Haiden’s take: Anthony Marshon Davis, Jr., was drafted number one overall in the 2012 NBA draft class.Anthony attended the University of Kentucky. Davis is a power forward for the New Orleans Pelicans. Davis is 6’10 and weighs 253 pounds. Since Davis has entered the league he has five All Star awards and has made the All-NBA team three times. Davis has a career average of 23.5 points per game and 10.4 rebounds per game. In the 2018-2019 season Davis averaged 28.1 points and 11.1 rebounds. Last year in the 2018 playoffs the Pelicans got the number six seed and defeated the number three seed Portland Trail Blazers in the first round. They would later be defeated by the warriors in the second round. Davis has played ten games and averaged 24.6 points and 12.9 rebounds so far this season. The Pelicans are currently 7-6 and are three and a half games away from first place. Offseason acquisitions like Elfrid Payton have helped the Pelicans obtain a winning record. I believe that the Pelicans will finish the year above fifty wins and ultimately Anthony will win MVP.