ST. CLAIRSVILLE — The Ohio Valley Christian Soldiers (OVCS) is a Christian-based charitable organization that was formed in order to assist local not-for-profit organizations who need financial assistance.

Funding has been generated over the years through various fundraising activities such as the OVCS Reverse Raffle Event, Outback Divine Dinner Down Under, Knights of Columbus ticket campaign, Jeffrey Showalter Memorial Celebrity Golf Classic (ten years) and donations from corporations, individuals and other entities that support the mission of the OVCS organization.

"The Ohio Valley Christian Soldiers’ goal is to raise money in Christ’s name and give that money to charities and other organizations that would use these funds wisely to help feed, cloth, educate and provide safety to those who are going through difficult times in our Tri-State Community," explained Lou Costanzo, President of the Board of the Ohio Valley Christian Soldiers. "Our organization is prepared to accept and will intensely review any request for funds," he added. "We want to also remind any business or person who would want to donate or join forces with the ‘Soldiers’ to contact us. The OVCS is a Section 501 (c) (3) organization and contributions are tax deductible," he concluded.

The Ohio Valley Christian Soldiers wrote a total of $58,500 in donation checks in the year 2018 and the majority of those checks were distributed on Nov. 19 at a "Media Day" event held at Belmont Hills Country Club in St. Clairsville, to the representatives of the 38 organizations assisted in 2018.

The Ohio Valley Christian Soldiers organization has donated a total of approximately $660,000 since its inception in 2005.

Lou Costanzo expressed an invitation to anyone who may be interested in membership or assisting in an upcoming fundraising event to contact him at 304-280-3513. He closed by saying "The ultimate successful outcome of the Christian Soldiers is to provide a situation whereby our donee organizations can create disciples in Christ through their mission to those having both physical and spiritual needs."