Barnesville Progressive Home Helpers has 11th meeting of the year

On Nov. 10, the Barnesville Progressive Home Helpers 4-H Club met in the basement of the Main Street United Methodist Church. This was the 11th meeting of the year. Jenna Duvall called the meeting to order. Ryland Wehr led the group in pledges and Marah Bethel conducted roll call. Marah also read the secretary’s minutes from the October meeting. The treasurer’s report was read by Olivia Phillips. Ryland Wehr gave the news report. Safety, energy, and recycling reports were given by Luke Castello, ben Eberhart, and Cali Lee.

As part of a community service project, the BPHH 4-H Club will be donating school supplies to students that need them. There will be a square dance at the Belmont County Fairgrounds on Saturday, Dec. 8 from 8 p.m. to 12 a.m.

RADA Cutlery orders were distributed to members that were in attendance.

Ronnie Duvall led a recreation activity called "Spot the Difference."

The next meeting of the BPHH 4-H Club will be on Saturday, Dec. 8. All club member are encouraged to attend this meeting as election of the 2019 officers will take place at this meeting.