ST. CLAIRSVILLE — David Trouten, Belmont County Clerk of Courts, had the annual Jury Draw at the Courthouse in St Clairsville.

"Every year, we draw the potential jurors for all of the various cases to come in the following year," Trouten explained. "The draw is randomly done by computer for Grand Juries, Petit Juries, and all three County Court Juries."

The process is done by the Clerk of Courts Office and is reviewed and approved by the two serving Jury Commissioners: Polly Loy and Betty Holubeck. In addition, a representative of the Sheriff’s Civil Office is on hand to insure delivery of the lists for proper service going forward.

"We have a streamlined process that always goes smoothly thanks to our excellent staff," Trouten said. "Deputy Clerk Theresa Edmonson puts a lot of time and work into this project and makes it look a lot easier than it is. She and all involved should be commended."