Spencer Bliss- Friday The 13th franchise

Chase Connor- Halloween franchise

Griffen Stephen- Texas Chainsaw Massacre franchise

Owen Wise- Halloween franchise

Jordyn Strous- Monster House


Kinzie Kaplet- Halloween franchise

Elora Keiser- Conjuring

Matthew Heatherington- Scary Movie franchise

Olivia Starr- Halloween franchise

Luke Schultz- The Nun


Jacey Stephens- Nightmare on Elm Street franchise

Trey Ciroli- Conjuring

Lani Shepherd- Halloween franchise

Cody Szabo- Lake Placid

Madison Detling- Friday The 13th franchise


1. Cade Hannahs- Zombieland

2. Kyleigh McGee- Nightmare on Elm Street franchise

3. Kalie Grear- Cabin in the Woods

4. Tate Dowler- Sinister

5. Brylan Clouse- The Nun