Halloween is known for being a holiday that emphasizes on the idea of good natured fear; however, when children are not provided with a safe environment, the good natured fear that accompanies the holiday can quickly progress to fears that are very real. Keeping children safe during the holiday season does not need to be a chore, and there are steps parents can enforce to ensure their children’s safety. During trick-or-treating, children will be seen walking door to door collecting candy in an assortment of costumes, and to eliminate the possibility of a kidnapping, they should be accompanied by an adult. Another thing to make the children’s time enjoyable, but most importantly safe, try investing in a reflective tape or a bright colored costume to help avoid unfortunate run-ins with cars. While walking, kids and parents should stick to the sidewalk and should only cross the street inside of a crosswalk. People that are driving during this holidays season should be alert, and keep an eye out for small children that may wander off the sidewalk or dart across the road. After a night of trick-or-treating, parents are advised to inspect their children’s candy. It is also a good idea to throw out any homemade treats children pick up along their trip because parents do not know what could have been put into these items. Good natured fear is the only thing wanted by parents and children this Halloween, and following these simple rules can lead to safety among the little trick-or-treaters.