Coraline is a fantasy/thriller, nonfiction movie. It shows an eleven-year-old girl, Coraline Jones, exploring her new home and stumbling across a secret door; behind the door lies an alternate world. This world resembles the one she is living in, but, in her opinion, it is better. Coraline continuously visits her other family, and she slowly starts to become more attached to this new world, until her Other Mother and the rest of the family want her to stay with them forever. She has to go through many obstacles to try and make it back to her real family, causing her to realize that her home and family, even though they were imperfect, were what she loved and never wanted to leave.

Phaedra’s take- Coraline is a very cool but creepy movie. It is perfect for Halloween, but it could be too alarming for younger children. This movie applies the idea of appreciating what you have in a way that an audience of most ages (10 and up) would understand. It is overall a great movie and I highly recommend it if you enjoy haunting but unique movies. I would give it a rating of five out of five shamrocks.

Jessie’s take- I would highly recommend watching this thrilling movie. Coraline is a movie I loved to watching as a kid around Halloween time to get into the spirit. This film has both visually stunning and an imaginative point of view. I would not recommend this movie to a younger audience because most of the content in the movie might be too frightening. Overall, this movie is definitely something that I would recommend to others. I would give this movie a five out of five shamrocks.