Video games are a diverse form of art, and there are many different genres to experience. One of my favorite genres is the MMO, which stands for massive multiplayer online. MMOs hold up to thousands of players in one area and allow for great cooperative experiences. One of these experiences is known as a "Raid," They are large-scale dungeons that players must traverse in order to gain some of the most powerful items in the game. Raids take a long time to complete, between 2 hours and 6 months depending on the game, and require an intense amount of cooperation between 2-40 players.

I have a background in raiding that goes back to 2015, yet I have not done all that much. The type of challenges that I’ve overcome haven’t been alone, I have experienced them with my friends. The last time I did a raid was on 9/16, which let me finally get the quest for a rare item I’ve been hunting for. I couldn't believe I finally got it, after months of fruitless attempts. This experience is one of my better ones.

Of course, there's always a downside to everything. I've once spent 10 hours on my console in one day trying to defeat a large boss, and I immensely regret it. I could barely stay awake during it, I could never go any longerer or go for that long again. But what made that easier was being with my friends, as we pulled through together. And that's why I play games and do these near-impossible challenges, because I want to spend time with my friends.