Now, don’t get too scared at this next creepy, crawly dessert I have been DYING to bring out for this Halloween! Graveyard Dirt Cake is definitely a spooky holiday favorite that kids and adults alike really enjoy!

Time: 20 minutes

Serves 8


2 (3.9 ounce) boxes instant chocolate pudding

4 cups of cold milk

30 Oreos (about 2 sleeves worth)

1 container of premade icing

8-10 sugar cookies (use premade package from the store)

Gummy worms

Pumpkin candies

Candy corn

8 plastic cups

Small Ziploc bags


Make the pudding according to package directions.

Out the Oreo cookies into a small plastic bag and crush them into crumbs using a rolling pin.

Place some chocolate frosting into several Ziploc bags and snip a tiny hole at the tip with some scissors. Set this aside, as it will be used later.

Put a dollop of the pudding from above at the bottom of each cup.

Next, layer cookie crumbs on top of the pudding.

You can then add a worm or two on top of the crumbs.

On top of that, then add another layer of pudding then cookie crumbs.

On the cookies from earlier, write "RIP" in icing. These will then become headstones for the top of the dessert, and they should be placed in the center of the cup.

Place in fridge to cool for 1-2 hours. Serve and enjoy!