Halloween is approaching fast and many people are trying to find last minute costumes. You don’t need a forty dollar costume to steal the show. Here are three easy Halloween makeup looks that you can do with your makeup at home.

Costume 1: Cat

A cat is a classic halloween costume that you can achieve in a mere ten minutes. First, dress in all black. Next, using a black eyeliner, draw a little button nose on your face, as well as some whiskers, and voila! You’re a black cat.

Costume 2: Mermaid

Mermaids are a very trendy costume for all ages. Dress in your best mermaid costume and get ready for makeup. Taking a blue, purple, green, or even pink, eyeshadow, apply it to where you would normally contour your face (under your cheekbones, jawlines, hairline, and nose). Apply a nice colorful eyelook. Apply some lipstick and there you have it!

Costume 3: Deer

A deer is a very cute costume that you can easily do. First, apply a brown darker than your skin to where you would normally contour. Apply that same brown dramatically to your eyes. Draw a black button nose. Now, using a white eyeshadow, apply white dots to your contoured areas, except the eyes. Apply some pink lipstick, and you’ll have the cutest costume in town!