BELMONT — Belmont Village Council met Aug. 21 in special session to discuss the issuing of bonds and submitting an OPWC Grant application.

Mayor Sobel discussed with council and the audience what we are trying to do as far as street paving. Grant Williams said he thought the last streets paved was in 1991. Brian May discussed the different options that CT Consultants have presented the village. May said the committee who chose these streets wanted to keep the project around $400,000 total cost. May discussed the three different options which included paving on Brown, First Alley, Barrister, East Market, West Market, Shaver, Bridge, Jefferson, and Johns streets.

James Lewis said they have had five times where we have has major rainfall and water has been within a foot of coming into his new building. Lewis said the stone is getting into the catch basins and blocking drainage. Lewis said there are a couple places where the road is bellied and the water isn't event getting to the catch basins. Lewis said he is all for paving but suggested that they need to address some serious drainage issue before paving certain streets to protect the investment.

Kevin Butler discussed the process of filing the OPWC grant application and different ways to maximize application points. Butler said the project would have been competitive last year but it is hard to say how it will perform this year.

Fiscal Officer Rick Burkhead discussed the finances of the paving situation and the grant application. He said to maximize points to have a shot at this, we have to match 26 percent of the total project. Then the other 74 percent, they need to apply for a zero percent loan for 51 percent of that balance left. Burkhead said anytime the village issues debt, you have to have a revenue in place to pay that debt. Burkhead said on this project the cost of doing $400,000 worth of paving could cost each household about $5 per month. He said he and the water board need to sit down and figure out a proper rate structure to better plan debt service payments and to simplify water bills for the residents. He said a straight forward per thousand water rate and a flat debt service charge is much simpler and would be much more fair to each of the residents as residents would then pay and equal share for debt service as opposed to the debt service costs being worked into the per thousand rates right now.

Council discussed the different streets and the drainage problems on each of the streets. Council decided to pursue the paving of half of East Barrister, West Barrister, First Alley, Bridge Street from Brown to street debt garage, and from Jefferson from North Main to the firehouse. Lorie Grob made a motion to select these streets, seconded by Cathy Caretti. Motion passed.

Mayor Sobel said Kathy from the Land Bank has been invited to attend a meeting to discuss the process and options for the Belmont School. Mayor Sobel said they will have a special meeting on Aug. 29 to discuss the Belmont School.

Kenny Davis said they received a quote from Rick Bostic to do the sidewalk and parking spot for the water office and that quote was $11,100. Cathy Caretti made a motion to approve the quote, seconded by Lorie Grob. Motion passed. 

Lorrie Grob made a motion to suspend the rules, seconded by Dan Scott. Motion passed. Bev Yoe made a motion to approve Ordinance 2018-7 which is the issuing of $49,900 worth of bonds to pay for the water tank rehabilitation, seconded by Grant Williams. Motion passed.