Former resident is giving back to the community with helping fight the opioid crisis.

Jackie Long of Denver is helping out her hometown and the Barnesville Police Department. Her foundation "Callie’s Backyard" is supporting the efforts of Police Officer Andrew Stewart and his K-9 partner Dixie.

"At that time, I wanted to help this young, dedicated officer with some financial assistance," Long said.

Long said Officer Stewart came up with a fundraiser to raise financial assistance for the K-9 program. They decided on a T-shirt project to sell T-shirts with the police logo on them and make a profit for Dixie.

The fundraiser was organized through Long’s foundation,

"We deal with the issues of sex trafficking, youth homelessness and drug addiction in Colorado," Long said. "I love to help communities and people like Andrew and Chief (Rocky) Sirianni who care deeply about the safety of children and the public.

"It was a huge success and now Andrew is on his second round of T-shirts that the public can purchase for a reasonable price on Facebook or at the station, and help Dixie out," Long said.

Dixie, a German Sheppard, has the ability to sniff out drugs "and in our country's current opioid crisis, I applaud the work of the Barnesville PD," Long said. "It takes a considerable amount of money to pay for training and equipment and food for Dixie. She is amazing. The time Andrew puts into her training is astounding.

"I come home almost every year to Barnesville as that is where my parents were from. As a little girl, I so enjoyed all my experiences in that town," Long said about Barnesville. "I hope that community organizations and schools will invite Dixie and Andrew to some meet and greets."

To learn more about her fundraising endeavors, visit www.