Barnesville Village Council learned Aug. 20 from Village Administrator Roger Deal that the cost of roadway salt to treat wintry roads has doubled from last year’s cost.

He said last year’s cost was $41.53 per ton and the cost for this year is $90.31 per ton. Compass Minerals America will be the salt supplier for Belmont County. Deal said some villages and towns have been left without a supplier so the village is fortunate to have Compass Minerals America. 

Meanwhile, Police Chief Rocky Sirianni asked council for approval of a part-time dispatcher. He asked to hire Lanee Yocum. Council approved.

Council questioned the chief if dispatchers’ hours should be cut and let 911 handle more of the calls. Chief Sirianni said the dispatchers have numerous jobs from monitoring the cameras, logging calls, responding to the police on patrol, handling citation payments, etc. Mayor Dale Bunting said he opposed the cutting of dispatch hours. 

In other business, Fire Chief Tim Hall said a representative from Pierce was here and conducted training on the new fire truck. The new truck is now "in service."

Deal told council that Astro Pools was asking for final payment. He talked to them and they agreed to only bill one half of the amount (4% retainage) until the leaks in the pool are repaired. After a tie vote by council, Mayor Bunting broke the tie with a "yes" vote to pay the pool bill. 

Deal also told council that the annual leaf pick up for residents will start soon. He said no plastic bags will be accepted. He said they must be biodegradable bags. 

Meanwhile, council approved payment of bills in the amount of $59,422.87.

Council entered into an executive session to discuss litigation.

Council will meet again Sept. 4 in council chambers at 7 p.m.