Twenty years after publishing his 1922 massive genealogy Our Ancestors: The Stantons, author William Henry Stanton encouraged family members to write first-hand accounts about their families and about life in the early 1800s through the turn of the 20th century in this section of southeastern Ohio.

Beulah Pattern McDonald, and her husband, collected the stories publishing a mimeographed book Little Home Histories in Our Early Homes Belmont County Ohio in 1943.

Now 75 years later, Barnesville and Quaker historian M. Marie Bundy of Tacoma has "reprinted the book from the original with some minor changes and additions for clarifications." McDonald was Bundy’s father’s first cousin.

"For the most part, grammar and spelling of the articles has not been corrected," Bundy noted. "However, dates and spelling of names have been checked for accuracy, and, the person’s name has been substituted for the pronoun used in some of the articles."

Bundy also added photographs of homesteads from her family archives, the Stanton book, Stillwater Friends Meeting archives and other sources including old atlases, a marked improvement to the original. Another addition to the new edition is a full name index with over 850 entries.

A promo by the publisher notes, "most of the families were Quakers who migrated here, seeking a land free from the evils of slavery. The easternmost part of Ohio was the entry to the Northwest Territory which banned slave ownership. Before land ownership could occur, this section of Ohio was surveyed into the Seven Ranges which were divided into townships and the townships into sections. These divisions are still in place today, and the author has used this system in some cases to identify locations."

"Work on the book started in the 1990’s," Bundy shared. "Richard Hall, a member of the Chestnut Ridge Meeting, drove me all around as we located the old farm homesteads in the Barnesville area."

The new book also lists current GIS -based rural addresses for those homesteads that remain and approximate addresses for those no longer extant.

"The work needed totally retyped and that presented a major hurdle," Bundy said. "Finally, I discovered a fellow Olney Friends School alum had scanned and he shared an electronic copy."

Much of Bundy’s free time the past two years was devoted to updating and revising the stories, adding images, completing the index, and getting the book printed.

Bundy returned home in 1991 following a successful career with a nonprofit social service agency in Jacksonville, FL. "I wanted to involve myself in the community," Bundy quipped.

Volunteering for Barnesville Depot restoration workdays launched this 1954 Olney Friends School grad on a 27-year productive journey that continues. Leadership roles with the Barnesville Development Council, Chamber of Commerce and serving on the Board of Trustees of Olney have kept her busy and involved.

With her love of local and community history, Marie has been active in producing annual Watt Center calendars and was one of the co-authors of Barnesville’s 200 Years: A Pictorial History. She recently published a richly-illustrated family history on her parents Stanton and Bernita Bundy’s family lines, and has produced and presented PowerPoint programs on the history of the Olney Friends School and Ohio Yearly Meeting of Friends (Conservative).

Little Home Histories in Our Early Homes Belmont County Ohio, a softbound 211-page, 8.5" x 11" edition, is available from the author for $30, a price that includes applicable sales tax. Mail orders should add $4 for shipping and handling per copy. Please contact Bundy at: 62004 W. Tacoma Road, Barnesville, OH 43713 or

Copies may also be purchased from the publisher, Heritage Books, Inc. at, or other online sources including Amazon and eBay.