Thanks to several business and organizations the Barnesville Swim Team was able to purchase two pieces of equipment that will allow children and adults with disabilities to enjoy the Barnesville Pool. The Barnesville Summer Swim Team, the Barnesville Hospital, Woodsfield Saving Bank, Astoria Place and Hartley Marshall Bookkeeping joined together to make the purchase! The zero entrance allows swimmers to walk into the pool without having to step down or climb out of the pool. The chair and walker can be taken down the zero entry and straight into the pool.

On Thursday, July 26, the equipment had it’s first use by Sophia Ferguson.

"It was so exciting to have her come and use the chair," said Swim Coach Bobbi Jo Johnson.

"Sophia has Spina Bifida and she really loved being able to be in the pool with friends and able to access the pool and float independently! She just had a blast and the biggest smile!" said Sophia’s mom.

The Barnesville Swim Team is always happy to accept any donations: Donations can be sent to Barnesville Swim Team, 318 W. Church St., Barnesville, OH 43713.

The Swim Team hopes that Sophia is the first of many young and older Barnesville residents that will come and enjoy the wonderful new pool.