The annual Barnesville Alumni Banquet was held at the high school campus on Saturday, July 14. In addition to renewing old friendships, this year those in attendance believed the banquet was a greater than usual success. Alumni attendees, who have attended many banquets, said "it was the best I have ever attended." Another non-Alumni attendee stated she felt "the program and presenters were enjoyable, interesting and made the entire event allot of fun"!

Two deserving and highly successful individuals were inducted into the Barnesville Area Education Foundation Hall Of Fame. The inductees were; Dr. Nicole Detling, CMPC, from the Class of 1993, who was introduced by her father Rev. Tom Detling and Dr. John Allen Jones from the Class of 1957, who was introduced by Mr. Dave Johnson. The acceptance comments by each were articulate, meaningful and truly exceptional!

Pastor Ed Eberhart, from the Class of 1993, served as the Master Of Ceremonies. The BHS Alumni Band provided excellent support in leading the attendees in singing the National Anthem and the BHS fight song. The Girl Scouts also lead those in attendance with the pledge of allegiance. Veterans and Hall Of Fame individuals in attendance were also recognized during the banquet.

Six special class reunions were celebrated with comments provided by class members in attendance. Each of these individuals did a wonderful job of representing their class with memories provided in short, sweet and enjoyable ways.

Francis Brock, Class of 1943 (75th reunion)

Marjorie Plumly, Class of 1948 (70th reunion)

Vallas Carpenter, Class of 1953 (65th reunion)

Dan Moore, Class of 1958 (60th reunion)

Rev. Tom Detling, Class of 1963 (55th reunion)

Randy Doan, Class of 1968 (50th reunion)

This year the Banquet was definitely a memorable event. The meal was great and thanks of support certainly goes to the Alumni Band, Girl Scout troop #3069, the hard working cooks, servers and support staff. A special thank you also goes to the Banquet Committee consisting of Lou Ann Swallie, Diane Blattler and Rita Ann Hall.

Please mark your calendars for the 2019 Alumni Banquet and be sure to attend the banquet on the second Saturday of July.