In news first reported locally by the Steubenville, Wheeling television stations and WBNV, Belmont County Chair Chris Gagin announced his resignation by Twitter Monday, July 16.

In normal times an announcement of this nature would circulate no further than the Upper Ohio Valley. Gagin’s resignation, in direct response to President Trump’s summit and press conference with Russian President Vladimir Putin, was carried by American Media and many International news agencies as well.

In his announcement, the former chair said, I remain a proud conservative and Republican, but I resigned today as Belmont Co Ohio GOP Chairman. I did so as a matter of conscience, and my sense of duty.

The President is entitled to GOP party leaders, at all levels, fully committed to his views and agenda. Following today’s press conference with Pres. Putin, as well as certain policy differences, most especially on trade, I could no longer fulfill that duty. Thus, I resigned."