‘What’s Killing Our Bees?’ workshop set

"What’s Killing Our Bees?" workshop will be hosted by Belmont Soil and Water Conservation District. Presenting will be member of the Tri State Beekeepers Association John Welty. He will be presenting on the effects of neonicotinoids on bees as well as different pests, diseases and parasites that bees are susceptible to. Bees and other pollinators play a vital role in our ecosystem, but their numbers have been gradually declining. This workshop will discuss what may be causing this decline and what we can do to help.This workshop is free and open to the public. Free pollinator plant seeds will be available to the participants. It will be held on July 19 from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Barnesville Library Annex. Call the Belmont SWCD office at 740-526-0027 if you have any questions.

Annual Captina Creek photo contest theme released

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – The Belmont Soil and Water Conservation District invites you to enter its 7th annual Captina Creek Photo Contest! The theme for this year’s contest is "Hidden Treasures." What secret gems has Captina Creek revealed to you? A cabin deep in the hollow? The perfect spot that reveals a brilliant view of the world underneath the water? Entries can be photographed anywhere in the Captina Creek Watershed, and will be judged by content, quality and creativity. Limit three (3) entries per person. First prize will be $50 cash. Second prize is $25 cash. Third prize is $15 cash. All winners will receive one ticket to the Soil and Water annual banquet, featuring Freshwater Farm to Chef catering. Entries will be accepted through Sept. 7. All photos must be accompanied by an entry form. Entry forms are available at www.belmontswcd.org or can be picked up at the Belmont SWCD office located at 130 W. Main St., St. Clairsville, OH 43950.

Annual river sweep a sweeping success

ST. CLAIRSVILLE – Belmont Soil and Water Conservation District and JB Green Team joined forces again to clean up Belmont County’s coast in conjunction with the 2018 Ohio River Sweep. JB Green Team hosted sites in Yorkville, at the Pike Island Lock and Dam, and along Wegee Creek in Shadyside. Belmont Soil and Water hosted sites at the Powhatan Point Marina and the Shadyside Marina. The morning started off calm and cool. Volunteers milled around the various sites eating donated breakfast and snacks. Once the waivers were signed, a brief safety meeting commenced. Once the sites were explained, the volunteers spread out to collect trash and recycling. Nearly 20 volunteers scoured the marina and shores of the mouth of Captina at Powhatan Point. Once it was deemed clean, volunteers migrated north to do a sweep of the coast at the Shadyside Marina. JB Green Team had over 60 volunteers helping at the Yorkville and Wegee Creek sites. A total of 1540 pounds of trash was removed from the four sites, along with 11 tires. Thank you to all the volunteers: from the individuals, Bridgeport Rotary, the Rotary Club of St. Clairsville, St. Clairsville Sunrise Rotary, boyscouts, volunteer-hour-seeking-highschoolers, and other socialites. The six states participating in the 2018 River Sweep hosted 151 sites in 66 counties. 500 tons of trash was collected along 3000 miles of shoreline. Interested in helping next year? Information for the next River Sweep will be released around April 2019. Ohio River Sweep is an event organized by the Ohio River Valley Water Sanitation Commission, (ORSANCO) an interstate water pollution agency for the Ohio River Valley, along with environmental protection and natural resource agencies from Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, West Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Belmont SWCD board meetings set

Belmont Soil and Water Conservation District announces the following board meeting dates for 2018: Aug. 13, Sept. 10, Oct. 8, Nov. 12, Dec. 10. Meetings will be held at 101 Market St., St. Clairsville, at 6 p.m. The meetings are open to the public.