BETHESDA — The Bethesda District Park Board discussed June 13 various fundraisers and grants for the walking trail and bridge replacement in the park. The board decided to have a tent at the Chautauqua Festival and hold a 50/50 raffle, and sell other raffle tickets to raise money to pave the walking trail. Rick stated that LogoTek is making a thermometer at the park and then have it at the booth as well as having it over at the car show on Sunday.

The board discussed contacting Dan Carpenter to see if he has any ideas for a design for a monument or something thanking those who donate to the walking trail.

The board discussed holding a raffle for a beef. After discussion the board decided to purchase Riesbeck’s Gift Cards and raffle those off. Debbie Mason made a motion to purchase and raffle four - $500 Riesbecks Gift Cards and to sell 300 raffle tickets for $20 each and the drawing will be held when all tickets are sold, seconded by Jim Ellis. Motion passed. 

The board discussed looking for a new drinking fountain for the park. Rick Burkhead is going to look for various options for the fountain.

Treasurers report was given. Beginning balance for May 2018 was $14,517.16; the ending balance for May 2018 was $16,661.71. Jim Ellis made a motion to accept the May 2018 treasurer’s report, and approve the bills, seconded by Debbie Mason. Motion passed.