The appeal regarding the January closing of Barnesville Eagles Lodge 4252 was denied with no hearing by the Grand Tribunal, according to member Scott Whitacre who was active in efforts seeking a formal hearing.

At a recent District meeting it was shared that if local lodge members "could raise a combination of 50 new and re-enrolled members, we could restructure our Aerie under the same #4252 number", Whitacre said. However, verification of the statement on the Grand Aerie, has not occurred.

"If the State and Grand Aerie does restructure under Aerie 4252, many have expressed an interest in helping them find a new location and support the joint effort to reopen," Whitacre added.

The Enterprise reported on June 13 that the former lodge hall was sold by the Grand Aerie to DG Dance Workshop, a tenant in the building.

Any members who gave to the appeal process, can receive a refund. Eighty percent of the filing fee was returned. Any local Eagles members who had donated toward the legal fund, can collect the refund at Turks Trophy Shop in Barnesville.

"The Eagles have greatly benefited our community over the years, and hopefully they will again," Whitacre concluded.