The Village of Barnesville would like to announce the implementation of the CodeRED emergency alert high-speed notification system. The CodeRED system gives Village officials the ability to quickly deliver pre-recorded telephone notifications and informational messages to targeted areas or to the entire village. This system allows geographically based delivery, meaning street addresses are required to ensure emergency notification calls are received by the proper individuals in a given situation. The system works for cell phones too, but we need to have an associated street address to provide relevant messages. Notifications can be received by phone call, cell phones, text message, email, and/or by a free mobile alert app. The CodeRED system is being provided to the Village of Barnesville through Belmont County 911. Registration for the alert system will be completed using the Belmont County 911 Community Notification Enrollment page. Emergency Notifications may include: Boil Orders, Missing Persons or Children, Criminal Activity, Evacuations, Local Security or Crime Alerts.

The Village of Barnesville may also activate CodeRED to send out General Notifications to subscribers to disseminate non-emergency notifications for community reminders and information such as: Road Closures, Street Sweeping Schedule, Cemetery Cleanup, Hydrant Flushing, Leaf Pickup, Christmas Tree Pickup, and Village Events. The Village encourages residents to opt-in to receive the General Notifications by check marking the box "General Notifications" during registration.

Residents can also be weather ready, by opting into CodeRED Weather Warning Notifications. This unique service automatically notifies citizens in the path of severe weather just moments after a warning has been issued by the National Weather Service. This is available at no cost and you choose the alerts you would like to receive such as: Tornado, Severe Thunderstorm, Flash Flood, and Winter Storms.

No one should assume their phone number and information is already in the database. Much of the information that we currently have are from public databases. All businesses should register, as well as individuals who have unlisted phone numbers or use a VoIP as your phone connections (such as Xfinity Voice by Comcast, Vonage, Google, Skype, or AT&T U-verse, etc.), and those who have changed their phone number or address within the last year. In addition to this, those using cell phones as their primary phone should also register.

RESIDENTS: We encourage you to register your information. Please use your current physical address (no P.O. boxes), primary phone, alternate phone, cell phone, and/or email address. We recommend when registering to check mark the "General Notifications" box.

BUSINESSES: When registering be sure to select "This address is a business" option. Please use the businesses physical address, no P.O. boxes. Please note, messages can only be delivered to a direct dial number. Automated attendants will disrupt the process and calls will not be delivered. Businesses should register the main number, and/or additional numbers and establish procedure for distributing the CodeRED message to their workforce. We recommend when registering to check mark the "General Notification" box.

The CodeRED system is compatible with TDD/TTY devices for those with hearing impairments. When registering, make sure to check mark the box to receive notifications in a TDD/TTY format. Individuals and businesses may add as many phone numbers, emails, and text message numbers as they like. There is no charge to register for or to use CodeRED. Your personal information will be kept secure and confidential.

Residents, as well as, visitors can receive enhanced public safety alerts wherever you may be located via the CodeRED Mobile Alert App. The app is free for both Android and iPhone users. The CodeRED Mobile Alert app delivers community and emergency alerts to individuals targeted within an impact geographical area so that you may also receive timely notifications when on the road or away from home. Current CodeRED subscribers that are already registered your mobile phone to receive notifications from the Village of Barnesville, you will continue to receive calls. To download the free CodeRED Mobile Alert app, visit the Google Play or iTunes store.

Sign Up & Register for CodeRED

1. Go to or access the alerts page from our homepage by visiting and click on the CodeRED Alerts Icon.

2. Click on the enrollment icon

3. Create a managed account, or select no to review and submit information

4. Complete the online enrollment form

5. Verify information, including correct location on the map

6. Submit enrollment and complete sign up

For those without internet access, you may stop into the Barnesville Police Department, 132 N Arch St, or Barnesville Water Office, 126 E Church St, to complete a registration form.

Notifications for CodeRED will come from the following phone numbers, you can add them to your contact list: 866-419-5000 Emergency Notifications, 855-969-4636 General Notifications, 800-566-9780 Weather Warnings.

If you do not reside in Barnesville, but do reside in Belmont County, you can still receive CodeRED Alert Notifications from the CodeRED System. To enroll as a Belmont County Resident, you can follow the above steps or visit the Belmont County 911 website:, click on the CodeRED Icon to register.

For more information about CodeRED visit and click the CodeRED icon or contact the Barnesville Police Department at 740-425-1976.