ST. CLAIRSVILLE — David Trouten, the Clerk of Courts for Belmont County, released the report of his office’s activities for May of 2018. 

Trouten also wanted to take the opportunity to thank this year’s summer intern.

"We were fortunate to have the opportunity to continue our tradition of having a summer intern," Trouten said. "This year we have the pleasure of working with Sadie Lendon of Bethesda. She has been able to assist in various projects in the Clerk of Court’s Office at the Court House, as well as assisting with the usual workload. She picked up very quickly and has been a tremendous help to the office."

"An internship is a win-win situation," Trouten added, "We get an eager young worker to help when the work picks up in the summer and fill in when regular workers take summer vacations. In return, the student gains valuable hands-on real world experience that furthers her education." Sadie is currently a student at Waynesburg University studying Biology with a Biblical Ministries Minor, and is a graduate of East Richland Christian School.

The monthly report is as follows:

David S. Trouten Jr.

Clerk of Courts

Clerk’s Fee: $62,510.26

Interest Fees: $305.69


Total Vehicle and Watercraft Titles: 3,235 Titles


All purpose Vehicle: 45, Buses: 1, Manufactured Homes: 10, Motorcycle: 141, Motor Home: 4;

New Cars: 271, New Pick Up Trucks: 146, New Truck: 14, Outboard Motors: 24, Off-road Motorcycle: 1, Trailer: 24, Travel Trailer: 78, Used Cars: 1,457 ,Used Pick-Up Trucks: 436, Used Trucks: 72, Vans: 37 and Boats including inboard motors: 72.


All purpose Vehicle: 1, Bus: 0, Manufactured Homes: 0, Motorcycle: 5, Motor Home: 0, New Car: 24, New Pickup Truck: 20, New Truck: 0, Outboard Motors: 2 Off Road Motorcycles: 0, Trailer: 0, Travel Trailer: 0 , Used Car: 246, Used Pickup Truck: 83, Used Truck: 9, Van: 4 , Boats, including inboard motors: 8.

Legal Department: New Cases filed

34 Domestic Relations

57 Civils

27 Criminals

58 Certificates of Judgments

60 State Tax Liens

7 Court of Appeals

Reminder: The Bellaire Title Office is open on Tuesdays and Thursdays.