Realty Deeds

The following recent deed transfers are accessible the Belmont County Recorder’s Office on-line database:

Flushing Township: Jennifer & Todd A Thompson to Jennifer & Todd A Thompson, 6+ ac.; Katelyn Dangelo, Brian R Smith, Korynne E Smith to Joshua Dangelo, two lots, Flushing.

Goshen Township: Chelsey & Michael Davis to Christina S & Clay T Winkler, .806 ac., Bethesda; Brenda K & Leland P Snyder to Joette M Martin, two tracts, oil & gas; Chad D Gazda to Jennifer B Gazda, 5+ ac.; James Mellott to Terri M. Flanagan, 1+ ac.; Michael Mead to Amanda Fisher, lot, Belmont.

Somerset Township: Eric & Wendy Cline, Kevin & Meleah R Ries to Harry A and Holly R Boyd, 2+ ac.

Warren Township: Deborah E Ault, Elaine J Vandal to Jonathan Vandal & Paul A Vandal, two lots, Barnesville; Fraternal Order of Eagles #4252 to DG Dance Workshop, pt. lots 17-18, Barnesville; Christie & James Jones, Christie Joy McMillen to Christie & James Jones, 1+ ac.; Joseph D & Patricia Jean Atkinson to Andrew P Atkinson & Sarah E Shuman, lot, Barnesville; Jefferis Real Estate to Frank J Wiles, 1+ ac.

Washington Township: Frances Delaney, et. al. to Dennis M Wines II, two tracts.

Wayne Township: Bradley A & Chantel M Gray to David E & Susan M Hines, 7+ ac.; Richard L Kinney to Jack Riley, Adm. & Mary L Riley, oil and gas.

Commissioners Acts on Roads

At the May 16th meeting, Belmont County Commissioners accepted a petition signed by 14 freeholders in the county residing near Union Twp. Road T-1570, Mediterranean Drive, seeking vacation of a portion of the roadway. Commissioners set May 30 as a date to inspect the site and June 6 as a hearing date on the petition.

During the May 23rd meeting, an inspection of maps for the proposed vacation of Somerset Twp. roadsd T-16, Betts Rd., and T-17, Dody Rd., was made by Will Eddy, Belmont County Engineer Drafting Technician. Also present were Dave Sandy, petitioner, and residents Robert Smeal and Dave Matz, who favored the change. Eddy noted, the Somerset Township Trustees also favor of the petition.

Belmont County Engineer Terry D. Lively’s official report stated the "proposed improvement should be granted" following which the Commissioners unanimously approved the vacation of the two long ago abandoned roads.