152 Years

With last week’s newspaper, your Barnesville Enterprise completed its 152st consecutive year of publication. The newspaper was established May 28, 1866.

At the turn of the 20th century, Barnesville supported three weekly newspapers. The other two were the Barnesville Republican and Barnesville Whetstone.

The Republican, established in 1883 by the Hanlon family, folded into the Enterprise in 1911 following the death of its editor, Harry E. Dement.

The Whetstone, established in 1894 as the Saturday Whetstone by William E. Buchanan, was published by his son and daughter-in-law, Robert (Buck) and Lucille Buchanan, until July 1974 ending with 80 years of news coverage.

Things change quickly these days. Two years ago, as wrapped up 150 years of continuous service to the community and its neighbors, we published a big edition filled with the newspaper’s history and wrapped up the celebration by issuing a special commemorative booklet "Celebrating 150 years, 1866-2016".

As a local historian speaking on behalf of future historians, I am glad we published this retrospective history. I am also thankful the precious information covered by this newspaper for most of its century and a half, are preserved on microfilm at the local library and at the archives in Columbus. Future generations will thank us for this gift.


In 1943 while he was serving as Ohio Senator from Belmont County, Enterprise editor Ray Palmer started writing a column he titled "This Week - Here and There". Our modified title is "Here and There".