ST. CLAIRSVILLE —Two Ohio University Eastern students traveled to the main campus in Athens recently to present their research findings at the Twelfth Annual Undergraduate History Conference. Seniors Carly Greiner and Kristina Estle, both History majors, were two of nine students who had their papers selected from the combined submissions of the Athens campus and the five regional campuses. The Conference is designed to showcase outstanding research done by History majors at Ohio University. Students give a twenty-minute presentation and then answer questions from students and faculty in the audience.

Carly Greiner, of Barnesville, discussed her research on the founding fathers, which focused on their private lives, and specifically the sexual scandals associated with them. As for the experience, Ms. Greiner commented, "It was a pleasure being given the opportunity to attend the 12th annual History Conference in Athens this year. Being involved in a discussion with like-minded individuals was an amazing experience. I absolutely loved being able to share some of the interesting tidbits I learned while researching for my paper, The Founding Fathers and Their Affairs. I’m graduating at the end of the summer, so it was certainly an entertaining note to go out on. I can just hope that my future aspirations continue to lead me to even more interesting facets of history."

Kristina Estle, who lives in St Clairsville, wrote her research paper on the history of Barnesville’s churches. This local history project involved a lot primary research, including interviews with many of the religious leaders in that community. Ms. Estle also found the experience of presenting her research rewarding. "It was truly an honor to have my research paper accepted for the Undergraduate History Conference. I came back to school after ten years to finish my senior year and I never expected to receive this honor. This conference gave me the opportunity to travel to Ohio University in Athens, Ohio and present my research paper. I hope to continue my research and continue on to receive my master's degree."

Their academic advisor, Dr. David Castle, traveled with them to the conference and was pleased with how things went. "It’s a little nerve-wracking to get up in front of people and present research, and then answer questions; but the papers were received very well. Both Carly and Kris did an outstanding job."

Ms. Greiner and Ms. Estle each plan to graduate at the end of the summer semester.