I am a fifteen-year-old girl who goes to Barnesville High School and plays three sports. That is how I describe myself. How would you describe yourself to someone who doesn’t know you? I am guessing it would be pretty similar. Maybe you would include your hair color, height, or maybe even your weight. Maybe when you think about who you are, you think of veins and organs, and bones.

But is that who we really are?

I believe we are more than all of that.

We are the creatures that make up this world. We get to decide how we live our own lives and even how we can affect others’ lives. We have millions of thoughts constantly running through our heads that no one else can hear. We can form relationships and then break them. We can build great things; then tear them down.

We are happy. We are sad. We are thousands of emotions. We know how to show and how to hide these emotions. We use our emotions to express ourselves, because we have that freedom. We are allowed to be whoever we want.

We are different. We have different skin tones, styles, traditions, etc. We could speak the same same language, but sound so different from another. We could dress the same, and do our hair the same, but still look so unsimilar. We are unique.

But maybe, when it comes down to it, we might just be the bones and veins that form us.