The movie, Megan Leavey, is based on a powerful real-life story of a young marine corporal (Kate Mara) and her German Shepherd military combat dog Rex. Megan Leavey is a restless, young woman living in New York. Megan is not sure what her purpose is in life so she decides to enlist in the Marines just as the Iraq War is starting. Megan is sent to Camp Pendleton,California where she takes on a position as a Military Police K9 handler. Megan finds herself training the most aggressive German Shepherd, Sgt. Rex, at the military base. The two are required to endure intense training, bonding, and must develop a mutual trust.

Megan has to learn how to give commands, praise, guide, and provide medical assistance to her canine. Military dogs are valued for their noses, their ability to sniff out IEDs, weapons, other buried explosives, as well as their loyalty and very high intelligence. Megan and Rex overcome their initial wariness of each other. Their trust in one another becomes the foundation of their enduring attachment to each other. The connection they have developed makes them stronger than they realize.

The duo successfully complete their rigorous training together and are deployed to Ramadi and Fallujah. Together they experience the true horrors of war. Megan and Rex’s unique bond saves many lives while they are deployed in Iraq together. They served two deployments in Iraq together and successfully completed more than 100 missions.

I feel Gabriela Cowperthwaite, the director of this movie, did an excellent job of portraying the real-life sacrifices and devastation of the war. The movie is horrifying at times and inspiring and heart wrenching at other times. This movie truly displayed one woman’s unconditional love for her canine partner. The movie, Megan Leavey, proves that you should never give up on something you love. Megan and Rex’s devotion and love for each other grew into a bond that would last forever. Megan found her purpose in life because of Rex and became a totally new person. I personally give this movie ten Shamrocks out of ten.