Barnesville Eagles Aerie #4252 officers have requested since Jan. 21, 2018, to see our current account balances and past/present record of debts which the Grand Aerie Agent is using to unjustly shut our Aerie down. We have been denied the Constitutional right to view our records, and Aerie #4252 has also been denied our right under Section 64.5 (d) of the Eagles Constitution to appeal the Agent's decision to permanently close us on Jan. 8, 2018.

$100 is currently needed to appeal the Grand Aerie Agent's first fraud charge which was brought by our Aerie# 4252 Worthy President against one of the Agent's fraudulent actions. A "not guilty" verdict was rendered by the Agent's home Aerie in Ashland Ohio on April 22, 2018. Anyone wishing to contribute toward filing an appeal may do so at Turk's Trophy Shop in Barnesville. The appeal must be filed within 30 days of the Ashland Aerie's verdict and will be heard at the Grand Aerie in Grove City. Receipts will be provided for appeal donations. Please leave contact information at Turks.

Other charges against Grand

Aerie advisors and/or officers, if brought, must be made at the annual Grand Aerie meeting in Dallas this coming July.

Barnesville Aerie 4252 is hoping that a meeting can be scheduled with the Agent, the Grand Worthy President's financial advisor, and any Grand Aerie attorney who might be able to explain why the rights stated in the Eagles Constitution don't seem to apply to Aerie 4252. Our members wish to avoid further action. Although Barnesville Aerie #4252 is listed as pending dissolution, we still believe in the ideals of this Order.

Scott Whitacre