On Saturday, April 14, the Barnesville Progressive Home Helpers met in the basement of the Main St. United Methodist Church for their 4-H meeting.

Ronald Duvall called the meeting to order and roll call was answered by "What is your favorite color?" Pledges were led by Luke Castello. Marah Bethel gave the secretary’s report; Ryland Wehr gave the news report; Emma Mazgaj gave the health report; Luke Castello gave the safety report; and Cali Lee gave the recycling report.

The club discussed fire lanes being blocked at the Belmont County Fair around various livestock barns. Members that need hog tags need to pick them up at the extension office and members that are taking rabbits need to return paperwork by May 1 to the extension office.

Ronald Duvall held recreation and the club played "caterpillar." Marah Bethel, Cali Lee, and Pazeley Whiteley brought refreshments.

The club’s next meeting is Saturday, May 12.