Most people believe time is a straight line that goes on and on just like the Ever-Ready Bunny. Some believe that time begins at a certain point and will come back to that point again.

True time is finite. All things by nature are finite. This means they have a beginning, a middle point, and an end. There can be short periods of time or longer but they all return back to Creation. The secret to the pattern is to be found in the middle.

For instance, consider the life of Jesus. We do not have to use dates but recognize that He had a birth date and a time of death. The dates of these events are not as important as what happened in the middle of His timeline. This is the way to find time patterns and observe whether they are repeating elsewhere in history. Truth reveals other truths.

Are there similarities when we examine 1861 to 1865 with 1961 to 1965? Yes, but one must examine truth with truth. In order to do this, we must insist upon true history being taught in our schools. True instruction in history should focus upon the cause and effect of events which we perceive to be historically important. True learning involves understanding man and God’s actions upon events in the timeline.

Presently, a whole generation of people has been taught lies and accepts them as truth. To examine 1968 to 2020, one must ask, and knock at the door of truth.

Good luck and happy hunting!

John Henry