BARNESVILLE — Over 20 Fraternal Order of the Eagles Aerie #4252 members and several past and present officers met in Barnesville recently to discuss the Appeal to reopen the local Aerie which was closed on Jan. 8, 2018, reports Scott Whitacre, vice chairman of District 7 of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, who called the meeting.

The Grand Aerie in Grove City, Ohio still has Aerie #4252 listed as "pending dissolution."

"It is unfortunate for our community that steps have been taken by the Grand Aerie to revoke the Barnesville Charter and sell the building, without first allowing our members to have a Grand Tribunal hearing over the reasons the Grand's Agent gave the Board of Grand Trustees to close us," Whitacre opined.

While the Grand Lodge appears to be moving forward without allowing an airing of a formal appeal, "We at Barnesville Aerie #4252 do not want to bring shame to a noble Fraternity which has benefited community members here and abroad by filing a lawsuit."

Acknowledging, it is often easy for members/people to lose faith after "shameful acts of a brother or sister has reduced our weekly turnovers, and the missteps of a well-intentioned agent has hindered the recovery of Aerie #4252 long after the financial loss bestowed upon us."

While reinstatement efforts continue, Whitacre said, "Our Aerie #4252 members still have faith in humanity, our Order, and a believe that justice can prevail in this dark hour."

Ending on a lighthearted note, the vice chairman said, "it helps to know that the Eagles won the 2018 Super Bowl and the FOE Eagles' sponsored NASCAR truck came in 2nd at the Daytona race!"

The Barnesville Enterprise has reached out multiple times by telephone and email to no avail seeking comment by the Grand Aeries.