Open enrollment applications for Union Local School District for the 2018-2019 school year will be accepted with the following schedule:

A) Current Open Enrollment students should apply April 2-13, 2018. Those students are to complete an application and return application to the Superintendent’s Office. If you have not received an application, you must pick one up at the Superintendent’s Office at Union Local High School.

B) New applicants must apply April 16-30, 2018. You must obtain an application at the Superintendent’s Office in the Union Local High School. New applicants will be accepted on the basis of the criteria established by the Board of Education’s Policies and Administrative guidelines, including, but not limited to, established enrollment limits.

All applicants will be considered on a first come basis.

Parents are reminded that transportation will be the responsibility of the parent.

Anyone with questions or concerns may call the Superintendent’s Office at 740-782-1978 ext. 2500.