Realty Deeds

The following recent deed transfers are accessible the Belmont County Recorder’s Office on-line database:

Flushing Township: Mary Ann Johnson to Reverse Mortgage Solutions, lot, Flushing

Kirkwood Township: Cecil L Arvill to Bounty Minerals LLC, 62+ ac., oil and gas

Goshen Township: Ralph Porterfield IRA Trust, Susan Porterfield Smart Trust to Bruce E & Jennifer L Schuster, four tracts; Gary Porterfield, Lynn Porterfield, etal, to Bruce E & Jennifer L Schuster, five tracts; Christine L & Gerald H Withrow to Christine L & Gerald H Withrow, lot, Bethesda; Christy L & Kevin J Lohr to Amber R Wright, .139 ac. Bethesda; Joshua Bittinger, etal & Great River Energy LLC to Gateway Royalty IV LLC, oil & gas; David & Kristy Whiteley to John Lucas, lots, Bethesda; Joel V Braido to Gregory L Hunt, .092 ac.

Union Township: Kathleen M & William K Gibeaut to Mary K & Mark W Thompson, 1+ ac.; Matthew E Bauer to Logan M Barnhouse, 3 ac.; April W & Franklin Hall, Jr., to Lighthouse Minerals, 155+ ac., oil and gas mineral

Smith Township: Cari & Robert H Wells to David E Jones, 2+ ac.: Rebecca L Clark & John E Rodocker to Wm H Swiney Jr., 2+ ac.; Cathy S & Larry A Carpenter to Gulfport Appalachia LLC, 234+ ac., minerals; Letterman Moore Holdings 3 LP to Gateway Royalty IV LLC, oil, gas minerals, Smith & Washington Twps.; Heather M & Roger Paul Lucas, Rice Drilling D LLC to Gateway Royalty IV LLC, 1+ ac., oil and gas; Bishop Hartley High School to Rice Drilling D LLC, 3 tracts, oil, gas/hydrocarbon, Smith & Washington Twps.; Joseph S Hart, etal to Anthony J Carson, 1+ ac.

Somerset Township: Rebecca & Sam Yoder to David & Delila Yoder, 35+ ac.

Warren Township: Loisanne & Robert Rockwell to Dale Johnson, .7 ac.; Seth Tyler Gantzer to Bruce A West, .25 ac., Barnesville; James W & Kathryn L Anderson to Miskasnic LLC, .096 ac., Barnesville; Myra L Chambers to Michael W & Tina J Starr, lot, Barnesville

Wayne Township: Donald C Bewley, etal & Gulfport Energy Corp to Gateway Royalty IV LLC, 70+ ac., oil and gas; James & Karen Brown, Tri Star Energy Holdings to Gateway Royalty IV LLC, 77+ ac., oil and gas

Stark County Judge Assigned to Cover Probate Court

It was announced last week by the Ohio Supreme Court that retired judge David Stucki of Stark County will preside over the Belmont County Probate Court until further notice. Judge J. Mark Costine of St. Clairsville has served as the Belmont County Probate Judge since 1998. The state’s highest court gave no reason for the assignment.

Below is a statement from Judge Costine's wife, Brenda Costine:

"We are lifelong residents of Belmont County and plan to remain here the rest of our lives. Mark has worked as an attorney and a public servant for over 35 years here in the Ohio Valley. He has done so with pride and devotion to the people he served.

"Over the last few months, Mark has struggled with various medical issues which resulted in hospital stays, outpatient services and missed time from the Court. It is now necessary for Mark to take a temporary leave from his duties as the Belmont County Probate/Juvenile Court Judge so that he can focus his efforts on getting the necessary treatment to get healthy once again. It is our hope and his intention to return to his seat at the Probate/Juvenile Court and finish his term in the same manner and with the same effort and dedication that he’s exhibited throughout his 19 years at the Court.

"We greatly appreciate all of the kind words, messages and thoughts we’ve received over the last couple of days. These are very difficult times and the thoughts and prayers of our friends mean so very much to both of us. Please continue to keep Mark in your prayers."

Building permit changes take effect

Commissioners voted in late January to terminate the seven-year agreement with the Washington County Building department to oversee enforcement/building inspections related to the Ohio Building Code in Belmont County.

The termination which takes effect this week, comes after a chorus of complaints about the process and level of service. Individuals erecting buildings in the county will now need to work through the State of Ohio process.