The Bonnie Beefers 4-H Club meet on Feb. 21 at the OUE Fitness Center for their monthly meeting. Becky Betts was in charge of the meeting. They started with the Pledge of Allegiance and our 4-H Pledge, then moved on to roll call, club members answered with their name, grade, school and the number of years they have been a member of the 4-H. After that, we talked over the Jr. Fair rule changes and a letter from our club to the Sr. Fair Board explaining a couple of concerns we have and possible resolutions for them.Autumn Crum made a motion for our club to donate each member a $5 back. Taylor Baumburger seconded the motion. They also elected their 2018 officers. President - Alyssa Betts; V.icePresident - Dylan Crall; Secretary - Sierra Betts; Treasurer - Lyndsee Probst; News Reporter - Breanne Workman and Ellie Dubiel; Health Officer - Adreanna Harper; Safety Officer - Savannah Springer.

The next meeting will be March 22 at 6 p.m. at the OUE Fitness Center.

Enrollment papers are due. Adreanna Harper will be giving a health talk and Savannah Springer will be giving a safety talk. They will be having at least one more fundraiser. Meeting was adjourned.