POWHATAN POINT -- A well pad explosion has been reported in the Powhatan Point area, with emergency management officials instituting mandatory evacuations.

WTOV-9 reported the incident happened off of Route 148 on Cat’s Run Road in Belmont County and residents within a one-mile radius were evacuated.

XTO Energy reportedly provided overnight lodging for evacuated families.

A spokesperson for XTO Energy was quoted as saying? XTO lost containment on a gas well pad on Cat’s Run? and the site was? evacuated with the exception of response team personnel.?

The Belmont County Emergency Management Administration has reportedly established a staging area next to ?a? local golf course.?

WTOV-9 quoted Powhatan Point Fire Chief Thomas Nelms as saying, ?"They ?(XTO officials) ?called and said that they had an actual explosion with no fire at the well pad?. ?So we came out to see what we had. We were here about a half hour, and actually, now we have a fire on a well pad.?

?"We’re going to evacuate a one-mile radius of this area, and they’re going to go to the city building, and they’re going to disperse to five different places people can stay: Nazarene Church, Masonic Temple and a couple of other places."?

Officials are urging people in the area to use "extreme" caution.

?State Rep. Jack Cera (D-Bellaire) ?said ?state officials from ODNR assured him that the agency is working with the OEPA and local emergency officials to minimize the impact on local residents and the environment surrounding the spill and fire. ?

?"ODNR has reached out and are working with local officials for the safety of our residents and the protection of our natural resources," said Cera. "It is my understanding that XTO officials are setting up a hotline to help address questions and concerns regarding temporary housing, etc.

"I will continue to monitor the situation and work with all parties to ensure that the creek is restored to the way it was before this incident took place," concluded Cera.?

No injuries were reported at the scene.