Scott Whitacre, vice chairman of District 7 of the Fraternal Order of Eagles, called a meeting for this coming Saturday afternoon for current members of Barnesville Lodge #4252. At that time, Whitacre will update members on the status of the lodge and the appeal that is now filed on the members’ behalf.

"Any current member is asked to attend an update meeting being held for the present members of #4252 on Feb.17 at 5 p.m. at 137 E. Main. The meeting will either be at Eagles 4252 front entrance, or at DG’s Dance Workshop & Gymnastics (enter the studio from the Eagles 4252 rear entrance and go up the stairs, through the lobby, and to our old meeting room)", Whitacre notes in a message to members that he also shared with the Enterprise.

"Current information and updates about our Appeal to the Grand Aerie Worthy President will be discussed, including our request for a hearing regarding the misinformation which led to the January 8th closing of Aerie #4252," Whitacre adds.

Continuing the vice chairman says, "the Grand Aerie, the Ohio Attorney General, the Ohio Secretary of State, and Ohio’s Liquor Control Office have been contacted regarding past issues, as well as some of the successful steps which have been taken to correct missteps which have occurred at our local Aerie."

The organization’s mission - "The Fraternal Order of the Eagle’s is an International non-profit organization that unites fraternally in the spirit of liberty, truth, justice, and equality, to make human life more desirable by lessening its ills, promoting peace, prosperity, gladness, and hope," is at the heart of the issue according to Whitacre.

"Any current member interested in following Our Mission is asked to attend. Every effort should be given first and foremost to seek a resolution of Eagle 4252’s closure via the Grand Aerie," he concludes in his message.

Whitacre is also reaching out to the larger Barnesville community asking individuals "with positive Eagles’ experiences to call the Grand Aerie at 262-662-4855 to pledge support of the local Aerie #4252’s appeal. It may be helpful for our cause," the vice chairman says.

The local lodge’s name has been scrubbed from the Grand Aerie’s website ( since the Enterprise broke the story in January. The local charter is "listed as pending dissolution." Whitacre reports.