Barnesville High School students enrolled in the BHCC Business and Administrative Services Pathway courses, provided at the high school, recently completed a banner project. The students in Mrs. Leslie Skinner's Digital Marketing & Management course were given a project to complete using Adobe Photoshop or InDesign software. BHCC purchased and outfitted new Macintosh desktops, and the full Adobe Creative Cloud software, for use within the high school.

The idea behind the project was to create a banner that could be used for display along the fence line at the Barnesville Memorial Park. Skinner is the Head Softball Coach and thought the project would be of interest to the students who mentioned the banners at the Rocks Stadium.

Skinner stated, "I realize that the park does not allow banners to be put on the fence line, but it gave the students an idea they could work with and enjoy." The student were tasked with taking their own pictures at the business they received by luck of the draw - within walking distance from the high school. Students had to then manipulate the images and turn that into an original banner of work. They also had to come up with a slogan that tied the business to the park itself. "The kids really had fun with the project. Especially the part where they had to come up with a slogan that I couldn't find on Google, and that related the business to the park in some manner. They were pretty creative and I've been told some of the businesses want access to the file so they can have them professionally printed on more durable materials."

The students know their banners won't hang at the park, but several of the businesses have them hanging currently and others are waiting on winter to break so they can hang them without moisture ruining them. Here are the banners created by the students.