Tales Plus is a periodic repeat full human interest news articles from the past issues of the Enterprise. This account appeared in the October 27, 1915 edition of the Barnesville Whetstone, 100 years ago.
We dislike to so often call attention of the public to that old nuisance which has prevailed in Barnesville for several years and which has ceased to be a joke. We refer to the unnecessary noisy stunts pulled off every time a public speaker addresses an audience on the streets or a brass band makes its appearance. Monday night when the Elks Band, a splendid organization of Bellaire, was playing in front of the Schafer Hotel the usual crowd of ornery, ill-bred boys was on hand to disturb the pleasure of the concert. In addition to the already deafening noises, an automobile driver (identified) opened his “cut out” and distinguished himself as he usually does in public. It may be that everyone doesn’t want to listen to public speaking or free music, but we are sure nobody relishes this unnecessary hullaballoo.