The Belmont County Sheriff’s Residence Museum is hosting its third event in its ongoing lecture series, the Belmont County Sheriff’s Residence Museum Lecture Series, on Thursday, November 12th at 7 p.m.  Dr. John Mattox of Flushing will speak on the Underground Railroad in the local area with his program titled Freedom Seekers.  Dr. Mattox is a local historian and is curator at the Underground Railroad Museum in Flushing, Ohio, which he and his wife founded.  He also holds an honorary doctorate degree from Ohio University.
The Underground Railroad was the network of secret routes that runaway slaves used to escape to Free States and Canada.  Houses sympathetic to abolitionism on these routes served as stations where the runaways would hide during the day.  There were several routes running through Belmont, Harrison, and Jefferson counties with many houses serving as stations.  The Underground Railroad Museum highlights this history through exhibits, memorabilia, articles, and books.  
BCSRM Curator Andrew Kirkland noted that it is the museum’s hope to continue to have the speaking engagements in the New Year.  There will be refreshments following this event.  While it is free to the public, donations are welcome.