At the Monday, Oct. 19 Barnesville Village Council meeting, Village Administrator Roger Deal informed council that an algae bloom was detected in Reservoir #1 last week. He said that the reservoir was shut off as soon as the discoloration was noticed. The Ohio Environmental Protection Agency was notified and sent a representatives to sample all three reservoirs,  finding only that Reservoir # 1 had an algae contamination. Deal said the reservoir had already been put out of service prior to this testing. On Thursday, he was informed by the EPA that Reservoir #1 was free of algae, however, one more sample must be drawn and tested O.K. before the reservoir can be put back in service. Reservoir #2 and the Slope Creek Reservoir are being used to supply water  in the mean time. Deal said the village uses activated carbon in their filter trains that is designed to remove algae treat for algae and continually samples the water.
“The water is safe, and has always been safe for human consumption,” Deal said.
Council continued discussions about the design for the Slope Creek waterline replacement project with a representative of ADR. Council member Scott Gallagher was absent from the meeting. Councilman John Jefferis cited concerns about the engineering costs and funding for the project brought up by Village Economic Development Director Bill Knox who provided council with handouts of “concerns thoughts and ideas” stemming from a recent discussion with Deal.
Councilman Tony Johnson also had concerns regarding $45,000 that he thought ADR and promised to take off the cost of engineering.
Mayor Dale Bunting said the project had “been kicked around a lot”. “We have been talking about this for months,” he said.
Councilman Tim McKelvey agreed saying, “This is a big deal. We need to get moving on this.”
Councilman Terry McCort asked what the total cost for engineering by ADR was going to be. He was told $235,910, not including the $45,000 the village already paid to ADR.
“This is a big project, and it needs done, but I am reluctant to spend this kind of money before we get through these issues,”Jefferis said.
“We need the study and the plans before we can pursue funding to help with the project,” McKelvey said. He made a motion to proceed with the project, pending receipt of a contract from ADR which Knox pointed out he and council had not received. The motion failed with McKelvey and Tickhill voting yes and Jefferis, Johnson and McCort voting no.
A water/sewer committee meeting was scheduled for Monday, Oct. 26 at 5 p.m. in Deal’s office to discuss the Slope Creek waterline project.
Deal provided council with an engineer’s estimate for replacement of a concrete box culvert at the Rotary Park Lake spillway. Deal said the Ohio Department of Natural Resources approved the plans for the culvert. The estimate and plans will be reviewed by the finance committee who will then make a recommendation. Deal said the project will require a bid.
A finance committee meeting was scheduled for November 9 at 6 p.m. in council chambers.
Council voted to increase the EMS billing hours for Mary Anne Stephens fro, 18 to 22. Council also approved Mayor Bunting’s appointment of Judy Haney as EMT.
Mayor Bunting thanked Barnesville Police Department officers Rocky Sirianni and Brian Sellers for their presentation earlier that day to the Barnesville Kiwanis Club about the village’s camera system.
Bunting also commented on recent park improvements that included new backboards for the basketball court. Village Manager Scott Baker said the new net for the tennis court was to be installed by the end of the week.
Council approved Heather Willis to attend a Human Resources Law class in Zanesville on December 3 at a cost of $149.
Council approved building permits for Josh and Christina Stephens, 163 Ohio St. for the construction of a new residence and the Warners, 210 E. Pike St. for the construction of an addition.
Following a presentation from Clay Bethel of Bethel Insurance Co. and an executive session, council renewed the village’s insurance contract with the Barnesville company.